Throwdown between SEC Titans. Bama vs. Tigers.

This is why everyone loves college football. It’s the exciting games, the games that make or break a team’s run for the BCS championship title, and the games that have everyone talking for years to come.   This week, we turn our attention to No. 2 Alabama versus No. 1 LSU, in a fight that will determine who is top dog in the SEC and who is truly number one in the nation.

Personally, being a huge Gator fan, to the point where I bleed orange and blue, I really hate both teams with a passion.  Alabama, I despise for ripping a BCS title from Tim Tebow in his senior year at Florida, and LSU, I just cannot stand your coach.  Les Miles is annoying and pompous and he has always rubbed me the wrong way.  With that out there, both teams are fantastic and this game will be very tough to call.   Lets take a quick look at both teams.

Alabama is currently leading the SEC in total offense and defense.  They average 457.6 yards per game and have been limiting their opponents to 180.5 yards each game.  Looking at that, LSU is going to have to really have their passing game run without a hitch, because if you let the number one scoring defense in the nation get an interception on a pass, you can bet that they will almost certainly return it for a touchdown, if not positive yardage.  The game changing player for the Crimson Tide’s offense will be junior running back Trent Richardson.  Watch for Bama to use him exclusively throughout the game in order to power through the LSU defense.  His speed and ability to find the tiniest holes to get the down is a scary one and he is a force to be reckoned with.  If LSU cannot stop Alabama’s running game, I don’t think that they have a strong enough offensive line to stop the Bama defense.  I foresee a very disappointing loss for the Tigers in the near future.   On defense,  Bama has Don’t’a Hightower making every single LSU quarterback quake in their shoes.  He was named the SEC Defensive Player of the Week following their win over Tennessee, and recorded seven tackles, one sack, and three quarterback hurries, with an interception return for 29 yards.  I believe that Bama has such a dominant force with both offense and defense that they will be hard to beat.

LSU on the offensive side went through the entire month of October without an interception.  Another interesting fact is that a win over Alabama tonight would make LSU 9-0 for the first time since 1973.   On the passing side for LSU’s offense, Bama needs to watch out for wide receiever Reuban Randle, who has had 3 100 plus yards receiving games this season, making him an important player to keep an eye  on.  LSU has 2 dangerous quarterbacks that are like snipers with a football, with Jared Lee has had 95 attempts without an interception so far, and backup quarterback  Jordan Jefferson has 111 yards rushing.  The passing game of LSU is formidable, and will be a big threat to Alabama if their defense cannot stop and worry Jared Lee.  I think that Bama will need to put a stop to the passing game almost immediately and rely on their defense to shut down the running game otherwise LSU will be quite a threat on offense.  On defense, Tyrann Mathieu is still making waves all over the defensive field, with 42 tackles this year.  He has forced 10 turnovers this season and will be the deciding factor on whether or not Alabama will be able to throw the ball.

In the end, both teams are powerhouses and are extremely closely matched.  I personally think that Alabama’s running game is way too powerful to stop.  I think Nick Saban  has prepared his team for anything  that will come at them, and because of that, I pick Bama, 27-10.

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