Birds fall on Opening Day

Well, the best day of the year was back yesterday, and if you undertstand St. Louis, or follow me on Twitter, I’m sorry for the obnoxious amount of tweets that clogged your feed about Cardinal baseball, but I couldn’t help myself.

Opening Day is a happy day for half of the teams in the nation, and a sour note to the start of the season for the other half, and much to my heartache, my Birds started off the season on a sour note.

The game started off well for the Cards, with my man Matt Carpenter doubling to deep right to start the first inning.  Matt Holliday came up next, and slammed one to deep center, doubling as well and bringing Carpenter home.  Things were looking good for the Birds, with a 1-0 lead in the top of the first.

But then, Holliday runs into an out at third, Beltran flew out to right, and the Cards were coming out to play some defense.

Adam Wainwright was on the mound last night, and let us just take a minute to bask in that man’s delicious glory.  The man is 31, 6’7 and a glorious, good looking sight to behold when he pitches.  He has a smile that can melt anyone’s heart, and in St. Louis, Waino is a treasure that we all hope will continue to bring us good luck. But I digress.

Waino came out and debued an amazing curveball, that almost knocked me out of my chair, I was so impressed with it. He kept the Diamondbacks quiet up until the bottom of the fourth, when, with the Cards still holding on to a one run lead, Jason Kubel doubled to right field, scoring one run for Arizona. The bats kept swinging for the Diamondbacks as A.J. Pollack came up next and also doubled to center, scoring two more runs.

The Cards would never regain the lead after that, with Arizona scoring again in the bottom of the fifth on a throwing error by Daniel Descalso.  The Birds would score in the top of the seventh off a single by Descalso, bringing the score to 4-2 Arizona.

But the Diamonbacks continued to roll, scoring two more runs in the bottom of the eighth, making the final score 6-2 Arizona.

Now, I know we all wanted the Birds to win. No one likes to start their season 0-1.  But, the Cards are without 2011 World Series MVP David Freese, who is on the 15 day disabled list, as well as their closer, Jason Motte.  Our star pitcher, Chris Carpenter is out for the season, as well as Rafeal Furcal.  But just like in 2011, when we were without Waino, the Birds will do what the Birds do best.  We will over come. We will perserve. And when all else fails?

Keep calm and win on the last strike.

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