An Open Letter to Michael Wacha

Dear Michael,

Can I just say that on behalf of Cardinal Nation, we are so happy that you are on our team.

Thank you for Wachtober.  For allowing Fox Sports to do a segment with the Muppets.  For your last name just being so fun to say.  And for reminding me of Pac-Man. WACHA WACHA WACHA WACHA.

But enough about your name.  Let’s talk about your game.  Let’s talk about being unbeaten in the post season.  Let’s talk about 3 games where only one or two hits were allowed.  Almost no walks.  2 major road wins.

It’s Game Six of the World Series tonight.  In Fenway.  And we are about to ask you to do exactly what you did in Game Four of the NLDS.  Bring us home a win.  Help bring home another ring to STL.

So as I watch you on my TV tonight, know I’ll be rooting for you like I’ve rooted for you all season long.  Know that a city is hoping that you will give them one more game to make it 12 in 13.

And know that we believe in you.  You are Chris Carpenter’s protegé.  Help bring home a win.

And if you ever need a date, hit a girl up.


A Cardinals Fan

but seriously, I’m available

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