Opening Day in STL 2014: Birds, Baseball, and Ballpark Village

Finally.  The best day of the year in St. Louis is here.  This is better than Veiled Prophet, and for those not from STL, I won’t even try to explain what that is.  Opening Day at Busch Stadium.  I can only describe it as a national holiday, because to us, Cardinals fans, that’s what it is.

Today is a day when the famous Budweiser Clydesdales will come back.  Today is a day when Fredbird will be back home in all his funny, feathery glory.  Today is a day when the young and the old can come together in mutual overwhelming, child-like joy.   The boys in red and white are finally home.  Its another season, and another year for the Cardinals to continue to prove why they are our favorite team.

I just want to clarify that Opening Day at Busch Stadium is different then Opening Day in general.  Opening Day at Busch Stadium means that I can go to games now.  It means that baseball is truly back, because before, it was almost like a dream.  Real, but not real, because I had to watch the Birds on the TV.  Now, with them home, its a reality.  And its one that is so sweet, St. Louis might explode.

St. Louis finally has the ultimate party scene that everyone has been waiting for: Ballpark Village. It’s literally a village tailored to baseball.  You can watch the Cards on big screen TV’s. You can sit and watch the game in bleachers  that were built specifically to overlook the stadium.

It’s been a year since we lost Stan the Man. It’s been a year since the World Series was ripped out of our grasp by the Red Sox. But today marks the beginning of a new season.  Chris Carpenter is throwing out the first pitch.  Michael Wacha is going to dazzle us with his magic. It’s Molina Monday. The Birds are back.  And frankly, I could not be happier.


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