Welcome Home to STL, Michael Sam

The 2014 NFL Draft was full of surprises and controversies.  No one thought Blake Bortles would go before Johnny Manziel.  No one thought the Cowboys would pass on him, although I know a lot of my friends who are Cowboy fans actually said they loved Jerry Jones that night, which was shocking.

But the most surprising and the moment that was the most joy filled, was when the St. Louis Rams drafted Mizzou defensive end Michael Sam in the 7th round.

Cameras captured that emotional moment of Sam getting the phone call and breaking down into tears as his dream of being drafted in the NFL draft was realized.

I’m from St. Louis, and I go to Mizzou, so to me, this is the greatest thing that could have happened to Michael Sam.

So, I say welcome home! Welcome home to a city that will love you with everything its got.  You are now a part of the city that had the Cardinals, that loves that team through the good the bad and the ugly.  Welcome home to the city that has the Blues, who we love regardless of how year after year they break our hearts in the playoffs.

Michael Sam is now a St. Louis Ram.  You are joining your teammates T.J. Moe, E.J. Gaines and Tim Barnes.  You are only an hour and a half away from the college that loves you with all its heart.

So welcome home to St. Louis Michael Sam! We are so happy to make you a part of the family.

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