Burgess family college football picks week two: Everyone’s a cheater

After the amazingness that was the kick off of college football last week, we settle into this week at a slightly lower expectation. And by that, I mean the matchups are the powder puff matchups where the ranked teams should steam roll everyone and just get ready for the challenge they have going into week three. Or they were supposed to be. Some people struggled. But I’ll get to that later.

Once the rest of my family found out about this challenge, a few of my aunts and uncles were quickly miffed they were not invited into this challenge. So real quick, sorry Aunt Molly, Aunt Mimi, Aunt Tracy and Uncle Mark, my bad, you guys are a sure lock for next year’s challenge. Didn’t realize this would be quite so popular.

In the group chat however, things heated up. Which means everyone started getting down and dirty with their picks and accusations of cheating ensued.

This all started when my cousin Sarah didn’t like that I shared her picks with the group  before the games kicked off because she was worried people would copy her.

My father immediately assured her there would be no need to be worried.


Joe leaves no prisoners. In our family group text, he rarely responds, but when he does? Often times, this is my reaction after he’s done:


So, after everyone is accused of cheating and we figured out the rules, which are basically being made up as we go along, we picked the games, wished everyone luck, but all secretly hoped for some upsets so that Joe was no longer in the lead. Or at least I was. Because being in 5th was seriously grating at me. I don’t like to lose.

This week’s games were: Louisville at Syracuse, Penn State at Pittsburgh, Ohio at Kansas, Kentucky at Florida, UConn at Navy, South Carolina at Mississippi State, Arkansas at TCU, BYU at Utah, and Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee.

Now, games we didn’t pick but were exciting and I have to mention? We gotta talk about Oklahoma State-Central Michigan. That final play, which was a Hail Mary followed by a lateral, was absolutely insane and the fact that now all of those refs have been suspended after that game is even more insane. It should not have counted. The Chippewa’s were awarded a untimed down after the clock had run out, and the ensuing touchdown led to the Cowboys losing 30-27.

Another game that was a little weird? The fact that Georgia struggled with Nichols, and only won by 2 points. First few minutes, Georgia looked in control, but then Nichols tied the game up.. and then, only leading by 3 at the half, Nichols takes the lead in third quarter… well, my mom says I use this gif too much but I can’t help it, sometimes it just fits perfectly:


Georgia would pull out the win, although 26-24 is not something to write home about, and Kirby Smart’s home debut was not what he wanted at all.

Alright, to the picks, because that’s what everyone’s been waiting for.

Joe’s picks: Louisville, Florida, Pitt, Kansas, Navy, Mississippi State, TCU, Utah and Tennessee 38 Virginia Tech 21.

Rosemary’s picks: Louisville, Kentucky, Pitt, Kansas, Navy, Mississippi State, TCU, Utah, Tennessee 24 Virginia Tech 10.

Sarah’s picks: Syracuse, Kentucky, Penn State, Kansas, Navy, Mississippi State, Arkansas, BYU, Virginia Tech 35 Tennessee 24.

Anne’s picks: Louisville, Florida, Penn State, Ohio, Navy, South Carolina, TCU, Utah, Tennessee 27 Virginia Tech 17.

Pop-Pop picks: Louisville, Florida, Pitt, Kansas, Navy, Mississippi State, TCU, Utah, Tennessee 21 Virginia Tech 20.

MK’s picks: Louisville, Florida, Pitt, Ohio, Navy, Mississippi State, BYU, TCU, Tennessee 35 Virginia Tech 24.

Molly’s picks: Syracuse, Florida, Penn State, Kansas, Navy, South Carolina, Arkansas, BYU, Virginia Tech 35 Tennessee 28.

This week was marginally harder, but what was most funny was the flack my cousin took over Kansas. I went to Mizzou. So I’m sorry, but I will never pick Kansas. And when Ohio took a very early lead on Kansas, my dad just couldn’t deal with it and had to let my cousin know how he felt about it.


Sorry Jayhawk fans. Basketball season is almost here right?

Week Two standings though, as follows:

  1. MK (8-1)
  2. Joe (6-3) best Tenn score over Pop-Pop
  3. Pop-Pop (6-3)
  4. Anne (5-4) best Tenn score over Rosemary
  5. Rosemary (5-4)
  6. Sarah (4-5) best Tenn score over Molly
  7. Molly (4-5)

Well, well, well… look who redeemed herself week two.

As we move on to the overall standings….

  1. MK & Joe (15-4)
  2. Anne & Rosemary (13-6)
  3. Sarah & Pop-Pop (12-7)
  4. Molly (7-12)

I won’t get ahead of myself, because this is a marathon and not a sprint, but I gotta say, I’m right there with my dad. Could the student beat the master? Patience, Grasshopper… only time will tell.

Until next week, hope your team doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out and your rival loses in the worst way possible.

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