Burgess family college football picks week three: #darkhorse

I’m going to go ahead and say it. Football was kooky this week. Some of the teams were just straight up dumpster fires. (Yes mom, I use it too much, but I can’t help it. Too much fun.)  Here’s what I mean by that:  teams that I thought were going to get blown out didn’t. Instead, they hung in there, they fought, and maybe they didn’t end up with the win but they at least made it interesting.  But that’s why football is amazing. Yes, blowouts are cool (LOL FSU), but games that are back and forth, nail biting, the ones that have you on the edge of your seat? That’s what I live for. And there’s this week’s hot take.  Now we can move on to this week’s games and standings.

After my revival and total domination last week, I was feeling pretty great. Tied for first with the man that has taught me everything I know about sports, I was feeling a little cocky. But this is the part of the season when a lot of #darkhorses come out. My sister Molly, or Mol, is a big fan of the underdogs. The dark horses. I think that’s maybe why she picks the majority of them every week. I’ve asked if there’s a strategy to her picks. According to her there is not. Just randomly picking. and going with her gut.  Or maybe she’s just saying that because she doesn’t want me to be wise to her game. Who knows. Between my sisters and I, Anne and Molly have always been way better at having a good poker face than I am.  But each week her picks were getting better. It’s just a matter of time before she surprises all of us.

This week’s match ups were better. They were tight battles, ones that could go either way for each team.   I even felt like Mizzou had a chance to win over Georgia after the way the Bulldogs had played against Nichols. Alas, I was to be severely disappointed, but I’ll get to that game in a minute.

This week’s games were:  (2) Florida State (-2) at (10) Louisville, (1) Alabama (-10) at (19) Ole Miss, Pittsburgh at Oklahoma State (-6), Mississippi State at (20) LSU (-13.5), (17) Texas A&M at Auburn (-3.5), (16) Georgia (-6.5) at Mizzou, (3) Ohio State (-2) at (14) Oklahoma, (12) Michigan State at (18) Notre Dame (-7.5), (11) Texas (-8) at California, and USC at (7) Stanford (-8.5).

Now, let’s discuss this week’s games. First, let’s start with FSU and Louisville. THE SEMINOLES GOT BEATEN BY 43 POINTS.  This tweet by  former Florida QB and Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel says it all:


The most savage of all burns. I knew Louisville and Lamar Jackson were good, but I didn’t expect the Seminoles to get manhandled like that. At the end of the first quarter, it looked like it was going to be a close game. 14-10 Louisville. Seminoles fought back against Ole Miss two weeks ago after being down 21-10 at the half and could probably do it against the Cardinals. But here comes Lamar Jackson. 1st quarter, already 2 rushing TD’s. He would have 2 more before the game was over, and one in the air. That raises his TD count to 18 and its only week 3. He wasn’t the only problem for the Noles. The Louisville defense just ate them alive. They could not move the ball, or do much of anything. The Cardinals defense had 5 sacks on freshman QB Deondre Francois, and held FSU to 284 yards and forced 2 turnovers in what’s going to go down as one of the worst defeats in Seminole history.

Now,  lets move on from the sad Seminoles and move instead to Ole Miss-Alabama. The early part of that game, it looked like the Rebels were going to flatten the Tide, the Tide’s defense looked despicable, and Ole Miss was rolling. At one point, the Tide was down 24 to 3 in the second quarter, and it looked like there was no way for them to get it together. But there are plays that swing momentum. Eddie Jackson’s 85 yard punt return to make it 24-17 Ole Miss at the half is one of them. Cue second half. Remember the turnovers last year that helped Ole Miss? It was Bama’s turn this year. Fumble return to tie the game at 24. Then Bama gets rolling. and then another interception to take a 2 score lead in the 4th quarter. The Rebels fought back and backdoor covered, much to my annoyance, but what a game. Ole Miss will have to get it together, especially taking on Georgia next week, but with the second collapse in 3 games, Hugh Freeze’s team needs to do some soul searching if they want to make something of their season.

Finally, Mizzou – Georgia. Last time Bulldogs were in Columbia, the Tigers got shut out 34-0 in a shocking game that left everyone wondering if we had it in us to make another run at the Sec East title. We ended up winning it again anyway,  but Georgia has always been a thorn in our sides.

I’ll say this: I am proud of how my team played. This team looked like a team with promise. The defense shut down Nick Chubb and held him to just 63 yards. Drew Lock looked better, but the late game interceptions and penalties, they will kill you every time. Mizzou turned over the ball 5 times, 4 of those coming in the second half. So I watched, with a sinking sensation in my gut, as Georgia, a team I’ve grown up loathing, beat Mizzou by one in Columbia. But the bright side? Mizzou’s offense showed promise. And that’s more then I thought I was going to see this season from them. So while this loss hurts, the team is moving in the right direction.

Now to this week’s picks. My sister Molly, who doesn’t watch sports, got her picks in first, and as I tweeted out earlier this week, they were the fire emoji. They were smart, and well thought out, and she could be a #darkhorse.

Joe: Louisville, Tide, Oklahoma State, Les Miles, War Eagle, Mizzou!!!, Wagons, Catholics, Stanford, Stronghorns 35 California 20. Just so everyone knows, this is exactly how he texted me this on Thursday. Once again, my dad just kinda wins.

Rosemary: Louisville, Alabama, Oklahoma State, LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Stanford, Texas 34 Cal 24

MK: Louisville, Alabama, Pittsburgh, LSU, Texas A&M, Mizzou, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Stanford, Texas 35 Cal 24

Anne: FSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State, LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Stanford, Texas 24 Cal 14

Sarah: Louisville, Alabama, Oklahoma State, LSU, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, Texas 45 Cal 36

Pop-Pop: FSU, Alabama, Pittsburgh, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan State, USC, Texas 24 Cal 20

Molly: FSU, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, Mississippi State, Auburn, Mizzou, Oklahoma, Michigan State, USC, California 28 Texas 24.

During the Ole miss game, we realized Molly was the only one who had picked them to cover. Naturally we we all a little surprised:


IMG_7468 copy.png


I had a feeling with her picks, she could pull off the upset. She had picked Mississippi State, Mizzou, Michigan State and Cal to cover or win. So, without further ado, here are this week’s standings and overall rankings. Spoiler alert: We all fail miserably.

  1. Molly (5-5) picked Cal to win
  2. Rosemary (5-5) picked Texas to win
  3. Pop-Pop (4-6) best Texas score
  4. Sarah (4-6) second best Texas score
  5. Anne (4-6) third best Texas score
  6. MK (4-6) fourth best Texas score
  7. Joe (4-6)


Mol, reminding us all that sometimes, over excitement is not needed, and the afore mentioned poker face is the way to win the game.

Overall standings:

  1. Joe and MK (19-10)
  2. Rosemary (18-11)
  3. Anne (17-12)
  4. Sarah and Pop-Pop (16-13)
  5. Molly (12-17)

So even though I had a pretty bad week, I’m still in first place with my dad. Next week’s games are looking even harder, although Mizzou should be able to win over Delaware, and maybe bounce back from the heartbreak that comes with a one point loss at home. Until then, let’s continue to laugh at FSU for losing by 43.

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