Burgess family college football picks week five: Redemption

When I started this college football picks pool, I figured there would be some trash talk. However, since this whole thing started, my cousin Sarah has been talking some major trash. What’s been funny about that is that she’s always been middle of the pack. Not awful, not great, but usually 4th or 5th every week. To make matters worse, she’s a kU grad (sorry, as a Mizzou grad, I can’t capitalize kU, it goes against my nature.) However, with all the trash talk, she’s yet to really live up to expectations; I mean, she’s an athletic director. One would think she would be doing better, given her profession, but it is understandable since kU doesn’t have a football team worth a lot of consideration.

Moving on to these week’s games. FSU had easily handled USF, so I was curious as to how they would fare against the Tar Heels, who had put up a good fight against Georgia. But looking at how the Dawgs have been playing this season, there’s the question on if Georgia is even any good. The game we all hyped up? Louisville and Clemson, but would it actually live up to the hype? Lamar Jackson or Deshawn Watson? Who would continue to make the push for the Heisman? Would Florida bounce back after a complete collapse against Tennessee? Is Wisconsin actually legit or have they just being playing against over-hyped teams all season? All of these questions would be answered.

Week 5 games are as follows: Kansas at Texas Tech (-28.5), (7) Stanford at (10) Washington (-3.5), (22) Texas at Oklahoma State (-2.5), (14) Miami (-7) at Georgia Tech, (11) Tennessee (-3.5) at (25) Georgia, North Carolina at (12) FSU (-10), (8) Wisconsin at (4) Michigan (-10.5), Oklahoma (-3.5) at (21) TCU, Missouri at LSU (-13), and (3) Louisville (-2) at (5) Clemson. The spread we use is different from the final spread, but that’s because I have to send it out on Tuesday and the group doesn’t care about the final spread. I’ve tried to update it and was met with resistance so this is what we play with. Can’t please everybody.

Let’s discuss this week’s games. First, I have to address FSU. I picked them this week, and I’ll take the loss because I just can’t be unhappy with a Seminoles loss. Especially the way in which they lost. One of the best images I’ve seen this season, besides the beat down provided by Louisville, is the Tarheel kicker running across FSU’s field doing the tomahawk chop after kicking the game winning field goal. That UNC win also snapped FSU’s 22 game home win streak. But FSU was sluggish from the beginning. They trailed 21-0 in the second quarter. The Seminoles were in the talks for the College Football Playoff at the beginning of the year, but after the way the season has gone? They need to get it together if they even want to make a decent bowl game.

The other game that was absolutely bonkers was Tennessee and Georgia. For the 4th time in 5 games, the Vols pulled off the miracle and came from behind to win a game. I saw a tweet that said Tennessee is #blessed this season, and they really are. The last second Hail Mary to win the game? That’s why football is wonderful. But here’s why I’m still salty at the Vols. They may have won the game, BUT THEY DIDN’T COVER. Because the throw was at the end of the game, there was no extra point. So I don’t get the win because they didn’t cover. So for the second week in a row, Tennessee ruins my weekend by winning a game. Struggles. But Tennessee is making a case for themselves to win the SEC East. However, they’ve got 2 tough weeks coming up, facing up at Texas A&M and then at home against Alabama. For Georgia? It’ll be interesting to see if they can even bounce back from this loss at all.

Alright, now to this week’s picks.

Joe: Anyone Kansas plays, Trees, Stronghorns, Hurricanes, Dawgs, Noles, Harbaugh, Wagons, Tigers, Clemson 35 Louisville 34.

I was feeling confident about the Mizzou-LSU game and voiced this with my father. Which then led to me realizing he was trying to cheat.


10 points to my father for the killer “The Sting” reference. If you don’t know that movie, you really need to go watch it. It’s a classic and you haven’t lived till you’ve seen it. Also it was clarified, he picked Mizzou, a pick that would come back to haunt both of us and a game that isn’t even worth mentioning here or ever.

Rosemary: Texas Tech, Stanford, Texas, Miami, Tennessee, FSU, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, LSU, Clemson 37 Louisville 31.

Sarah: Texas Tech, Washington, Oklahoma State, Miami, Tennessee, FSU, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Mizzou (barf emoji), Clemson 38 Louisville 35.

Anne: Texas Tech, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Miami, Tennessee, FSU, Michigan, Oklahoma, LSU, Louisville 24 Clemson 7.

MK: Texas Tech, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Miami, Tennessee, FSU, Wisconsin, TCU, Missouri, Louisville 45 Clemson 38.

Pop-Pop: Texas Tech, Washington, Oklahoma State, Miami, Tennessee, FSU, Michigan, Oklahoma, LSU, Louisville 28 Clemson 27.

Molly: Kansas, Stanford, Texas, Georgia Tech, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, TCU, Missouri, Louisville 28 Clemson 24.

Another game that needs mentioning? Stanford and Washington. The Huskies handed, as my dad calls them, the Trees their worst loss since the 41-3 beatdown by Arizona in 2007. The key to the game? Washington’s run game. They established it early and often, and ran for 214 yards and averaged 5.2 yards per carry. The other key? The fact that Heisman hopeful Christian McCaffrey was a non-factor in the game. The explosive running back was held to 49 yards on 12 carries and 5 catches for 30 yards. The Huskies were dominant on both sides of the ball. Stanford QB’s were sacked 8 times, six of those coming in the first half. Just complete domination.

Now to the Week 5 standings.

  1. Sarah (7-3)
  2. Rosemary (6-4) picked Clemson
  3. Pop-Pop (6-4) picked Louisville
  4. Joe (5-5) picked Clemson
  5. Anne (5-5) picked Louisville
  6. MK (4-6)
  7. Molly (2-8)

FINALLY. Sarah has climbed her way out of mediocrity. As she says, “I AM DA QUEEN.” Well, at least for this week you are Sarah. But relish it now while you can. I’m sure you’ll fall back into the middle of the pack next week and I’ll be out of whatever bad football funk I’m in right now.

Overall standings:

  1. Joe (31-18)
  2. MK & Rosemary (29-20)
  3. Sarah & Anne (28-21)
  4. Pop-Pop (25-24)
  5. Molly (18-26)

My father was, well it’s safe to say he was pretty pleased with how well he’s been doing and let us all know it. He can brag all he wants. If Sarah can climb out of mediocrity to the top, so can I.

So what happens next week? Will Florida have another mediocre offense week? Will Charlie Strong save his job against Oklahoma? Will Tennessee pull off a miraculous win against the Aggies for the 5th time? Will my father continue to dominate in picks? Will we ever figure out Molly’s picking strategy? Probably not to the last one.  Who knows. It’s a long season.

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