Burgess family CFB picks: How Larks picks his teams

As mentioned in the previous post, my dog Malarky, or as we affectionately nicknamed him, Larks, is a part of our family’s college football picks challenge. Each week we pick 10 games against the spread. The person with the most games picked right this week, wins.

Well, seeing as Larks is a dog, there’s no way he would understand what a spread is, we had to come up with a different way for him to pick the games.

So we decided if Larks was picking teams.. he would pick based off which mascot he would want to be friends with… bark at.. or just chase around a yard.

So, without further ado, here’s how he picked.

Maryland: Larks loves turtles

Notre Dame: his name is Malarky… he can’t go against the Irish

Kentucky: He’d rather play with a wildcat than a golden eagle

South Carolina: Larks has chased an oversized turkey back in his day… and that’s kind of what a Gamecock looks like

Alabama: who wouldn’t want to play with an elephant?

LSU: A tiger is more fun to bark at than a Cougar (Sorry BYU)

Florida: he loves to chase lizards

Aggies: because an agricultural man would just give millions of belly rubs and their sheltie/Lassie looking dog Larks would love.

Tennessee: Because Smokey is amazing and he and Larks would be fast friends.

There you have it. Check in next week to see if Larks stays on top.







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