Burgess family CFB picks: The one where #Irma shakes the region but not Larks’ place in the standings

We’re back, after a quick hiatus. For those of you who don’t know, I live in Florida. Tampa to be exact. And just a little over 2 weeks ago, Hurricane Irma came through here. While it completely devastated the Florida Keys and parts of Naples, Tampa escaped somewhat unscathed. We did lose power for a day and a half, but we were very lucky.

Now, week two came and went and while Irma had more people packed in my house than a sardine can, what didn’t change were the standings. Well, for the most part. After week 2, in which you saw Baker Mayfield completely disrespect the OSU fanbase by trying to plant the OU flag in the middle of the field (and if you aren’t a fan of that, you need to stop being a bitter OSU fan), Mizzou have no defense whatsoever and lose to South Carolina and the rest of my picks just go completely down the drain, we end up with this:

  1. Rosemary and Larks (13-7)
  2. Larry, Mimi, Sarah and Jess  (12-8)
  3. Joe (11-9)
  4. John and Molly (10-10)
  5. MK (9-11)
  6. Mert (7-13)

There is only one word to describe my fall from grace:


Taking a quick look at week three, I was sure I would be able to bounce back. I mean, I couldn’t do that badly two weeks in a row?

Week three brought us finally a Florida football game, although one I was very nervous about. Why? Because it was against Tennessee. This is the game Florida blew an 18 point lead in the second half. I picked against the Gators.

After 3 quarters of awful football, which included no touchdowns, interceptions that turned into nothing, and a lot of bad coaching decisions by Butch Jones (I’m still confused why he went into the shotgun formation on the goal line in the first quarter), we got a defensive touchdown by the Gators. And then… Florida somehow gets an offensive touchdown. And then proceeds to blow the game and it’s all tied up with 9 seconds left to go.

Then, in one of the most poorly defended final plays I’ve seen in a while, Felipe Franks chucks the ball downfield… the Gators catch it… and win the game.

Live look at me as that play is happening:



But moving on to the standings after week 3… I didn’t feel so awesome anymore.

  1. Rosemary (19-11)
  2. Larks (18-12)
  3. Larry and Sarah (17-13)
  4. Mimi, Joe, and Jess (16-14)
  5. John (14-16)
  6. MK, Molly and Mert (12-18)

A live look at me after Week 3:

this is fine

Immediately, my dad, who shows me all the affection, texted me something along this lines of this:

figure it out

So there you have it. We’re all still getting beaten by a dog, who made his picks based off choices seen here.

Here’s to next week and hoping I climb my way out of the bottom of the standings. I really don’t want the golden toilet trophy that’s awarded to last place.



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