Game of the Week: (14) Miami at Duke

So, after a look at how I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks, I needed to do something different. Shake things up, get my mojo back, whatever it is, trying to shake the bad karma out and bring in better vibes. So, let’s take a look at one of the games we picked this week: (14) Miami at Duke

Looking at Miami and Duke, everyone should remember the last time the Hurricanes were in Durham. That would be 2015. Where the most insane 8 lateral, last play in a football game occurred. This is also the play that later the league said shouldn’t have counted and got two officials suspended as a result.

Duke is looking at its best start in more than 10 years. This is only the sixth time the Blue Devils have won their first four games since 1960. Quarterback Daniel Jones has looked good for the Blue Devils so far, leading his team to a beatdown of Northwestern, and then taking down Baylor and rival North Carolina.

Miami has had a topsy turvy season so far. With Hurricane Irma causing games to be cancelled or postponed, the Hurricanes did not look so great against Toledo last week til the back end of the game.  It’s hard to say how good Miami is, without really having a lot of evidence to go off of. Miami does have Malik Rosier at the helm at QB, who started in that 2015 matchup between these two teams when Brad Kaaya was out with a concussion.

Here’s what I think is going to need to happen for each team: Duke is going to have to stop Miami’s run game. Mark Walton rushed for 204 yards against Toledo last week and played a big part in the 2015 last play. The Hurricanes could also potentially be getting back Ahmmon Richards, who’s been out with a hamstring injury. He set a Miami freshman receiving record last year.

For Miami, it’s going to be a long game if Daniel Jones can wreck havoc on their secondary. That was what Toledo exploited early in the game last week. This is already a secondary that is young and it was up in the air how good they would be. The other thing to worry about with Jones is his ability to extend plays with his legs. The Blue Devils’ receivers are a talented bunch, and if Jones can get to them easily, then I’m just a hot take away from saying this is going to be a bad night for Miami.

As for my prediction? And hopefully my family doesn’t read this and try to copy my picks, but I’m taking Duke and the points. I think the experience of Jones at the helm, the need to avenge what happened in Durham two years ago, and the fact that Duke football is looking at its best start in a few years, I’m going with the Blue Devils. Miami will make this a game, but I think Jones exploits the secondary and wins a close one.


But hey, if you don’t like my analysis, go with Lark’s route: which mascot would he rather be friends with? He’s in third in our standings for a reason.

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