The one where Larks reclaims the lead, #upsetcity and Florida is complete trash

Hey, what’s up, hello. Sorry I’ve been missing in action for a few weeks. Life got a little crazy but I’m here to catch you all up on where the standings are.

Last we saw, my mother was in first place, with my dog Malarky and my uncle Larry close behind. I was in dead last, having been complete trash and had 3 straight weeks of 3-7 picks. I’m still debating on whether I need an analyst, who will be referred to by a code name, to protect respective parties, in case they have trash picks as well.

Back to the matter at hand. The standings:

1. Sarah and Larks 41-33
2. Larry 39-35
3. Joe 37-37
4. Mimi 36-38
5. Ro and MK 35-39
6. Molly and Jess 34-40
7. Granny 33-41
Live look at my mom upon realizing she had dropped out of first and is still losing to a dog:
ari gold
But back to more important things. The games this weekend. First, we have to talk about Syracuse and Clemson.
This was not a game we picked, but it was a game to take note of. Obviously because Syracuse upset Clemson but for other reasons as well.
I’m not going to take away what the Orange pulled off. Home field, roaring crowd, and with Clemson’s Kelly Bryant already nursing a sore ankle… everything seemed to align for the Orange.
There’s also the little fact that the Syracuse defense limited Clemson to 113 total yards rushing… and only 39 in the first half. This is a Tigers team that has been averaging AT LEAST 230 yards rushing this season. You add in the fact that Bryant left the game after the first half with a concussion and you have a recipe for a great upset. And I love a good upset. Unless it’s against one of my teams. Then I’m just annoyed and grumpy. But we’ll get to the dumpster fire that is the Florida Gators in a little bit.
Moving over to the other upset, the game we did pick, (8) Washington State at California.
If you haven’t seen this touchdown run, you are missing out or are not on social media, don’t watch tv/are Patrick Star and live under a rock.
ross bowers flip .gif
For more context, Ross Bowers mother is a gymnastics coach. Regardless, this is still awesome and we should just all be in awe of it.
Back to the point at hand: THERE WERE 7 TURNOVERS BY THE COUGARS. I want to know where the Washington State team that beat USC was last week, because they were nowhere to be found against Cal. Every time they seemed to put a drive together, the Bears’ defense was there to get an impressive stop, with the aforementioned 7 turnovers and, in case you weren’t aware, 9 sacks.
If y’all haven’t figured out that I picked Washington State in this matchup, you should be aware by now.
Cal’s defense was the star of this game, absolutely smothering the Cougars and limiting them to just 3 points. Mike Leach put it perfectly when he told ESPN that they were “pathetic.”
In a word? Woof.
Looking for another team that was pathetic, but more so on offense? Let me turn your attention to the Florida Gators.
After a horrendous loss to LSU at home last weekend on a missed extra point, which is made even more embarrassing since LSU had just lost to Troy…. the Gators were needing a comeback of sorts.
Enter the Aggies.. who played well against the number one team in the country, Alabama.
I’ll be blunt. This game did not end well for the Gators.
Here’s what you saw: Felipe Franks is still a few years away from being the good quarterback he could be. The guy missed open receivers down the field all night, and except for a great play he made with his legs in the fourth quarter, which was a broken play, was completely mediocre. The offensive line is still in total disarray, which is evident by the fact that Franks was sacked 5 times. Then, Johnny Townsend sends a punt directly to the Aggies top playmaker, Christian Kirk, who returns it 43 yards to set up a game winning field goal.
Florida is trash. And they aren’t even fun to watch. It’s painfully agonizing every game and a nailbiter, but not in the good way.
Thankfully, Florida has a bye week this week before gearing up to most likely get beaten by double digits by Georgia.
I’ll be back next week with the blog as well as a preview on a game of the week later this week. Slowly climbing my way back into the rankings in CFB picks. Our trash talk has died down some but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of material next week now that Larks has reclaimed the top spot.
I should mention that Sarah also is tied for first, but as Larry put it, that doesn’t really count.




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