Burgess fam CFB picks: The one where we’re still losing to a dog and Penn State and Notre Dame roll

Let’s be honest. The upside of my college football watching this weekend is I didn’t have to sit through an agonizing Florida game and want to pull my hair out the entire time. Thank you, bye week. But overall, I wasn’t super pumped about a bunch of the games this weekend. Louisville-FSU was lackluster since FSU has seriously struggled, not a lot of big time SEC matchups that screamed greatness and the game that I was looking forward to? Penn State and Michigan? Well… that didn’t turn into the slugfest that I thought it would. But we’ll get into that, the FSU game and the Notre Dame beat down in a little bit.

When we last checked the standings, Sarah and Larks were in first and my uncle Larry was in close second. Sarah did not have a great week this time. She went 1-9.


Here are the updated standings:

  1. Larks 46-38

  2. Larry 44-40

  3. Sarah & Joe 42-42

  4. Rosemary & MK 41-43

  5. Mimi 40-44

  6. Molly & Jess 38-46

  7. Mert 37-47

There was arguably less trash talk this week in the group chat but according to my dad, here’s why:

week 8 blog

Larry is still in second place, so not exactly a victory. Second place is first loser, but nice try.

Looking at the games this weekend… just pour one out for FSU. The Noles tied it up in the 4th quarter and then just when it looks like they’re going to get the go ahead score… they fumble on the 24 yard line and then watch as the Cardinals drove 59 yards for the game winning field goal.

If you’re Louisville, you needed this win, especially after losing last week to Boston College. Defense looked better, held the FSU rush game in pretty well. FSU… it’s the never ending nightmare season. Florida State could be looking at missing a bowl game for the first time since 1982. This is also their worst start since Bobby Bowden’s last season in 2009. Noles have games with Syracuse, Clemson and Florida left. Bowl eligibilty looks slim.

Now, to a game that I thought would be closer, but a man named Sarqon Barkley had different ideas. I think it’s pretty apparent that Penn State remembered the beat down the Wolverines put on them last year in the final game of the regular season. Barkley ran all over the Michigan defense like a man possessed, racking up 161 yards from scrimmage and 3 touchdowns.  Here’s what I mean when I say the Nittany Lions trounced the Michigan defense. The Wolverines came in allowing 223 yards per game and 3.68 yards per play. Penn State threw up 506 yards and averaged 8.3 yards per play. It was not a good day for Jim Harbaugh and company. The Wolverines have dropped out of the rankings with this loss, while Penn State moves to #2. If you want to talk about last season being a fluke for the Nittany Lions… you can’t really say that this season. The big test will be next week when they travel to Columbus and take on THE Ohio State.

After last year’s 4-8 season, which still makes me giggle, Notre Dame looks insanely solid this year. 3 turnovers by USC, 2 coming off an interceptin and a fumble by Sam Darnold and Notre Dame ran rampant all over the field.  USC now has 19 turnovers on the season… #hottakealert but that’s not a good statistic. Also not a good statistic? Sam Darnold is responsible for 16 of those turnovers. It also helped that the Irish defense held the Trojans to just 76 yards rushing.. minus 4 in the first half. Big time game for the Irish next week against ranked NC State, who the Irish lost to last year in a monsoon.

Now, I will say this before I go. We have all these analysts who spend HOURS studying the games and who will win based off yardage and defense and all these other stats. But Malarky has only one week this season where he’s been under 500 in his picks for the week. I’m not saying this is fool proof.. but there’s something to be said about picking games… based on which mascots a dog would like.







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