#Allthehomeruns as Astros look to close out against Dodgers

If you watched Game 2 of the World Series, it was everything a sports fan wanted. Drama, great pitching, home runs galore and you saw the unbreakable Dodgers bullpen finally falter.

If you missed Sunday’s game, I’m sorry for you. Because it was nothing short of spectacular. You not only missed a barnburner, you missed the Astros setting records.

The ‘Stros became the first team ever to have five different players hit a home run in a game during the World Series. They are just the third team ever to hit five home runs in a World Series game overall. Between the two teams, they’ve set a record for home runs in the World Series, with 22. The total number of homeruns in this postseason ovrall? 101. The most ever.

Being a Cardinals fan, I’ve seen what I consider to be one of the best World Series games ever played. Game 6 of the 2011 WS, where Freese hits the walk off homer to send the series to the 7th game. But Sunday’s game was something else. I honestly thought the Dodgers had it in hand when they were up 4 to nothing in the 4th… but that’s why baseball, when it’s good? It’s great.  Add in a walkoff for the Astros and no one could write the script better.

Now how do the Dodgers respond? That’s tough. Clayton Kershaw looked great before he gave up those runs in the 4th.. and the former infallible Dodgers bullpen looks to have finally met its match against the top offense in baseball. Verlander has been dynamite for Houston but Hill has been extremely consistent in this postseason, and only threw 60 pitches in game 2.  My personal gut feeling? This is Houston’s year. They’re playing for a city that has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Had you asked me at the beginning of the series, I would have told you Dodgers in six. But the Stros have come back time and time again.

Here’s what will be the deciding factor: The bullpens. Both pens are exhausted, both emotionally and physically. This game will come down to whether once your team gets the lead, can you hold onto it. That’s an insanely big #hottake, but its simple and true.

However, I’m secretly hoping for a game 7.






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